YNDX Family
YNDX Family is a community of former and current Yandex employees. We are here to help each other in work and in life: launching and scaling companies, developing careers, adapting to new countries, and much more.
Participation is absolutely free.
After registration, we will send you some additional questions via Telegram.
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Participation benefits
Networking: expand the circle of acquaintances, both professional and by interests. Find like-minded people for hobbies, get support when moving to a new city or country.
Career Development: find a mentor, vacancy or employee among trusted people, get a recommendation to a company of interest and help in preparing for an interview.
Entrepreneurship: find co-founders and a team, form a vision for the project, get useful contacts and help with attracting funding, as well as the first users.
Team and Ambassadors
Organizer, Partner at GuruDev VC
Anton Abdukhamidov
Oleg Koverznev
Nebius CPO, ex Yandex.Cloud Co-Founder
Max Avtukhov
Yandex.Lavka Co-Founder
Vahe Ovasapyan
Ozon.FinTech CEO
Oleg Shevlyagin
1520 Co-Founder
Mikhail Allakhverdian
Adapter Co-Founder
Sergey Polissar
FoodFox Co-Founder
Dmitry Tsybin
Engineering Manager at Yandex Self-Driving Cars business unit
Participants Geo
At Yandex, we met cool and professional colleagues. We continue to work with some of them outside of Yandex, with some we have become friends.

After leaving the company, most of all we want to keep the existing connections and acquire new contacts with like-minded people. YNDX Family is an infrastructure where current employees and graduates of Yandex can find, get to know each other and help each other.

Companies and projects change, people are the most valuable.
Why we are making this
What We Do
Who can assist with warm intros for investors? What tools are best when launching a startup? How do you find a startup to work in? Who can help onboard you in a new location?
We form knowledge bases
These are meetings with people whose interests coincide with yours: entrepreneurship, career, networking and exchange of experience.
Meet at Non-Random Coffee
Participants themselves determine the topics of discussion that are relevant to them by offering and voting on the internal meetup board. All information about past and upcoming events can be found here.
Meet at events
We have a participant catalog broken down by profession/interest/location, as well as a dedicated job board.
We find the right people
We hold offline meetups across the globe in order to meet in person and to simply have fun together!
…And we chill ✨
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